SMS Marketing - Reach Your Audience

In the Smartphone Era, reaching mobile consumers on their terms is paramount. SMS marketing, MMS, and push messaging, alongside voice allows you to reach your audience in an engaging format that captures their imaginations with dynamic content and an immediacy not found in other marketing channels. The world’s most renowned marketing organizations use mobile messaging to send videos, images and audio files that facilitate sweepstakes, polls, competitions, and coupons. Not only are mobile marketing campaigns fresh and engaging, their high open and success rates help make every marketer a superstar.

SMS Marketing Made Simple

Our unparalleled reach gives you access to a network of more than 900 mobile operators around the world, giving you access to nearly 6 billion consumers. Plus, our carrier relations and service teams are the best in the business, ensuring your campaigns get approved and into market as quickly as possible. Contact us to find out how brands, agencies and service providers are using mobile messaging and SMS marketing to create meaningful connections with consumers anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Engagement Tools

(Short Message Service) An effective personal mobile channel used throughout the world that contains up to 160 characters in content.
(Multimedia Message Service) Beyond SMS, consisting of text, images, audio or video content, without any character limit.

Use Cases


  • Retail
  • Travel, Tourism and Entertainment
  • Marketing and Media
  • Healthcare
  • HR and Recruitment


Mobile messaging can help retailers drive sales, increase margins, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Use mobile messaging to optimize location-based campaigns, engage customers with contests and promotions, expand customer databases, promote point-of-sale coupon usage, improve customer service, and keep loyal customers up-to-speed with your latest sales.

Travel, Tourism and Entertainment

Mobile messaging remains the most effective and valuable way to grab a consumer’s attention on the go.

Discover how mobile messaging can help you communicate in real-time with travelers, and cut customer support costs while improving brand loyalty. Organizations can use mobile messaging to send e-tickets and reservation reminders, 24 hour customer service and emergency assistance, and loyalty programs.

Marketing and Media

Don’t just add mobile to your marketing

Use it to connect with consumers on their own terms, engaging them in conversation that’s personal, meaningful, and effective. Discover the powerful ways mobile messaging can help you deepen customer engagement: through new standalone campaigns, carefully-crafted complements to email and traditional media, more timely and individualized loyalty programs, and high-impact promotions.


Mobile messaging can help healthcare companies revitalize trust and improve communication with every professional, patient, and stakeholder they serve. Quickly preview high-value opportunities to improve public health campaigns, reduce appointment no-shows, deliver timely patient information, improve pharmacy efficiency and patient rapport, and support community and emergency health services.

HR and Recruitment

Mobile messaging helps HR, recruiting, and staffing firms cut costs, save time, increase speed and agility, and partner more effectively with great companies and candidates. Send job opening alerts to job searchers via SMS, and promote job openings with a short code that candidates can text if they’re interested. Use mobile messaging to streamline candidate and employee communication, improve referrals, fill employee shortages, and more.