SMS Messaging

Application to Person (A2P) SMS is a rapidly growing means of communicating with customers in an instantaneous, personal and ubiquitous manner. The largest and most successful enterprises, in industries spanning from finance and security to travel and entertainment, use SMS to improve customer service and drive business growth. A2P SMS messaging makes use of multilateral global carrier relationships to deliver real-time information over a medium that customers rely on and trust.

SMS Messaging Drives


I need innovative marketing channels to engage my customers and break through the noise.

Customer Service

I need mobile engagement tools to reach my customers when and where they need me.


I need a partner with the resources and scaleability to help support my business goals.

Features & Benefits

Two-way Messaging

Send and receive messages. Power applications that require you to receive message.

Number Portability

Number portability ensures the correct routing for messages, maximizing delivery rates.

Originator Options

Choose from phone numbers, short codes and alphanumeric originator addresses. Operator and country restrictions apply.

Long Message Support

Concatenated text messages allow more than 160 characters to be sent.

Unicode and Binary Messages

Full unicode support allows you to send messages in any language. Binary encoded messages are also supported.

Rich Status Codes

Get the status of your messages. Understand why messages are not reaching the intended destination in case of delivery failure.